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Local Businesses Adapting to Community Needs

In times of trouble, the best communities pull together, and Cheyenne has proven it’s the best of the best. We’ve been impressed to see some fellow local businesses stepping forward to fulfill a need outside their normal function.  

Distillers and brewers across the state, including Chronicles Distilling and Pine Bluffs Distilling here in southeast Wyoming, have temporarily switched production from whiskey and vodka to hand sanitizer, a product in short supply around the country. Wyoming distilleries have produced hundreds of gallons of FDA-approved hand sanitizers specifically for Wyoming’s front line workers and first responders.

Also in Cheyenne, Alliance Brew Gear makes cold brew coffee filters in their clean room, and when COVID-19 found its way to our borders, they knew they had to shift their focus from launching their brand to helping their community – and beyond! They are providing mask frames and straps (3D or laser printing design and instructions on, along with coffee filters and instructions for their use, to coffee shops throughout Cheyenne. (Researchers say that adding a filter to homemade face masks may offer extra protection to the wearer.)

Thanks to these businesses and everyone stepping up to support our communities in all the ways they can.

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