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Few locations are as well positioned to serve the entire country as Cheyenne, Wyoming. A Cheyenne site can provide your company productive synergies associated with its proximity to the Front Range region of the Rocky Mountains. Cheyenne, at the crossroads of US Interstate 80 and US Interstate 25, and only 90 minutes north of Denver by US Interstate 25, is strategically located at major transportation and communication hubs – precisely the kind of location that will allow economic efficiencies and unfettered access.

  • At the intersection of US Interstate 80 and Campstool Interchange and approximately 7.5 miles east of US Interstate 25. The site is adjacent to the Cheyenne Business Park and across the street from the Lowes Distribution Center. The development is a 10-minute drive to Cheyenne Regional Airport and a 90-minute drive to Denver International Airport.

  • Water, sewer, and power already in place.

  • Lowest land costs in the Front Range.

  • Lowest operating costs in the United States.

  • Annexed, platted, and zoned with a 21-day building permit approval process.

  • The individual tax burden to Wyoming residents is among the lowest in the United States. There are no personal state income taxes, no corporate state income taxes, no inventory taxes, wonderfully low property taxes, and workers’ compensation insurance rates are ranked 48th lowest in the nation. In fact, Wyoming is the least costly state in America in which to do business!

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